mercredi, octobre 21

They're Callin' You Out

"You better stand tall,
When they're callin' you out,
Don't bend, don't break,
Baby, don't back down"
-It's My Life (Glee Cast, originally from Bon Jovi)

Alas, my friends who can't see, thus can't judge. I can't stay very long, since I have to watch Glee, my favorite TV show, in ten minutes. But let's try to make this quick.
Wrong Accused
I've had a horrid day, faced by discrimination in a way you probably have not heard or considered. But, I have been wrongly accused two times today, let's start with the more prominent one and save the other for a day when I have more time.
It all began yesterday, I had a tres bon day. Until....sometime around this time...I got a letter from the library. I had not requested a book, so, woe! Heart beating fast, I tore that letter open and read the dreaded words which I cannot quote since i am too lazy to get up and time is of the essence (HUGO). It said I had not returned Dracula! When, in fact, I knew I had since I remember the feeling of relief when I slept knowing that book was not in the same room as me. Suddenly, Mother Goose and Father Time filled me with odd statements such as, "I remember that you said you didn't finish a book so you left it" or something of the sort..which got me all confused. Suddenly, I couldn't remember book titles. I was in deep woe. Deep, deep, woe. You see, friends, i have never in my life had an overdue book and this was a big red mark on my clean sleet. Or whatever it's called.
So, today I went to the library. Alas! They didn't have the book there. But, the kind librarian, God bless him, said he'd put the book as CLAIM RETURN since I had, of course, my ultra clean slate. Oh yes! Slate, not sleet. Haha, isn't sleet snow or something? But still, it is an ugly stain on my apple. I am deeply woed.
That's all, I just wanted to document this. Tomorrow, maybe, I'll tell you of my other woes that woe me woefully.
After the break,
"Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must."
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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