dimanche, octobre 18

Next Time I'll Be Bulletproof

I'm back....>:)

And I'm on a new site...lederniermot, which en Francais, means The Last Laugh, which, hopefully by the end of this year I will do...laugh my most evillest laugh and proclaim my revenge. Buahaha. >:)

Ah, my friends...how I have missed you after my absense of...*counts fingers* six months! Good grief. My name is not V Bored any more, but Vanille, which also starts with a V. I'm afraid I have lost my sense of wit, and it will take a couple postings to get it back. I've been mildly dry with my writing these past weeks and it might have something to do with the disappointment of ABNA, which we will never talk about, if you please. :)


Yes, mes amies. I am back with a vengenace and slightly better French. It is a great possibility that this blog, too, shall go up in flames and I will be absent for another half a year and then return with newfound revenge and a pitieous soul that needs wit. But as of now, I have returned. And I hope to keep this up longer than a month. Of course, I don't believe that I can do that, but I shall try my best.
We will not dwell on the past, I shall not tell you an update of myself these past months. We will only look on to the present and the future because the past is what pounded me down to a meaningless nothing and I have run back to you, blogosphere, for my innocence restored.
Of course, I may not be able to post every single day. It may well be that I can only post two times a week - one on Saturday and one on Sunday, for school has gripped me in its stressing hold and I am not able to escape its most powerful weapon, also called homework. *cue shark music*
I will, however, give you an update on Beethoven the Bear. We have not been very close these days anymore, and that's a pity. I have no new friend with whom I can share a conversation with, but I will find one and I shall tell you all the bizarre things we say.
Also, I aim to keep my posts much shorter, as to not give you a headache with my medieval ramblings. Hey, did I spell medieval right! It looks right. Oh, joy! I think I have! Mes amies, I believe this is the first time I have spelled medieval correctly the first time! Let us check...I did! Oh, friends. I don't believe you understand. This is a monumentous day. I know that's not a word. Connoisseurs I can spell, but the words spahgetti, survaillance and medieval have always caused me trouble. Oh, I do believe I misspelled them once more. Anyways, yipee! Or as the french say, yupee! :D Did I spell that right?
This is just the beginning. I am tired, friends, from scouring the internet world for a decent template, and though I don't like this one as much as the one in V Blase, I am satisfied. I chose not to keep the old template for the reason that I am moving ahead, and I shall become a butterfly. No, not literally. I quite like having opposable thumbs, thank you very much. But I need to evolve out of my current state. And you, whether you know it or not imaginary person out there with no face and no name, though I can feel your presence, will help me get there.

After the break,
A La Vanille (formerly V Bored, now V Renaissance, if that makes sense.)


"Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length."
-Rober Frost

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