samedi, octobre 31

They're All Together Ooky

"They're creepy and they're kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They're all together ooky,
The Addams Family."
-The Addams Family Theme Song (Vic Mizzy [R.I.P])


Buaha. As you can see, this post is set in orange, but I can't do black because if I did then you couldn't see it because of my blog layout. Isn't that soooo creative? I'm a ge-ni-ous. Get it? Got it? Good.
  • What has happened since I left you in that melancholy note? Well....
    I went to a Halloween Party and got lots of candy and relative junk
  • I went to a friend's house and played tug-of-war, of which I meekly lost
  • I because student of the month and have NO certificate >:(
  • Visited UC Davis (They have bikes! :D) and I stepped in poop...>_>
  • Lots of other stuff

In the spirit of Halloween, I have decorated my room profusely. I set one of those fake pumpkins that you carry around for treats on my desk. That's it. Yes, I'm so very festive. :) This Halloween, I'm a French Maid. I have to give candy to candy crazed children tonight in my maid outfit like the true maid I am. Oh la la, ou est le feather duster? :)

Well, currently I was eating candy from my pumpkin but after eating a "watermelon taffy" that tasted like "chocolate with artificial fruit flavors" I "spat it out in my purply trash can" and "every candy after that tasted like "chocolate with artificial fruit flavors"" so I've had to "quit" and now I'm "candy deprived". "YES I KNOW I"M MISUSING THESE QUOTATION MARKS.


I think these mutated candies have made me like this.

Though I am writing to YOU, I am supposed to be doing my Fahrenheit 451 and biology homework. In biology we have learned about DNA. Did you know that that DNA is a polymer made of monomer nucleotides and that each nucleotide is made up of a base, a phosphate group and a sugar. There are four bases in DNA - adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine and that A always paris with T and C always pairs with G, this is called the BASE PAIRING RULES. And these two guys with V cool names, Watson and Crick, found out the structure of DNA - a double-helix (also looks like a twisted ladder) and that there's this whole drama on how they "stole" Rosalind Franklin's x-ray photos of DNA and never credited it to her for helping them find out the structure of DNA and she died while they got Nobel Peace Prizes. Yes, the science world is a drama. I do not wish to be a pharmacist. (DOOOOMMM)


Today, I joined Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month). I start writing tomorrow, though I have mulled over starting today (that would be cheating) but I have decided against it and have blogged instead. I will have to balance my biology, school, homework and everything to write 50,000 words by the end of the month. I've done it before, I can do it again. >:) That was in January. (I don't know if I can do it.... :{ ) Wish me luck! :)

Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEEN everybody!!!!!!! that's all for today. Because I dont' know what else to say.!!!

After the Break,


" 'Be yourself' is about the worst advice you can give some people."

-Tom Masson

mercredi, octobre 21

They're Callin' You Out

"You better stand tall,
When they're callin' you out,
Don't bend, don't break,
Baby, don't back down"
-It's My Life (Glee Cast, originally from Bon Jovi)

Alas, my friends who can't see, thus can't judge. I can't stay very long, since I have to watch Glee, my favorite TV show, in ten minutes. But let's try to make this quick.
Wrong Accused
I've had a horrid day, faced by discrimination in a way you probably have not heard or considered. But, I have been wrongly accused two times today, let's start with the more prominent one and save the other for a day when I have more time.
It all began yesterday, I had a tres bon day. Until....sometime around this time...I got a letter from the library. I had not requested a book, so, woe! Heart beating fast, I tore that letter open and read the dreaded words which I cannot quote since i am too lazy to get up and time is of the essence (HUGO). It said I had not returned Dracula! When, in fact, I knew I had since I remember the feeling of relief when I slept knowing that book was not in the same room as me. Suddenly, Mother Goose and Father Time filled me with odd statements such as, "I remember that you said you didn't finish a book so you left it" or something of the sort..which got me all confused. Suddenly, I couldn't remember book titles. I was in deep woe. Deep, deep, woe. You see, friends, i have never in my life had an overdue book and this was a big red mark on my clean sleet. Or whatever it's called.
So, today I went to the library. Alas! They didn't have the book there. But, the kind librarian, God bless him, said he'd put the book as CLAIM RETURN since I had, of course, my ultra clean slate. Oh yes! Slate, not sleet. Haha, isn't sleet snow or something? But still, it is an ugly stain on my apple. I am deeply woed.
That's all, I just wanted to document this. Tomorrow, maybe, I'll tell you of my other woes that woe me woefully.
After the break,
"Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must."
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

lundi, octobre 19

I Have Everything

"Ridin high, when I was king

Played it hard and fast, cause I had everything

Walked away, won me then

But easy come and easy go

And it would end"

-Beggin' (Madcon)

Salut! How are my favorite people doing? Et toi? you ask. Oh, moi, ca va bien. I would just like to start this blog off on the right track, unlike the other in which I had begun a poll (something about Harry Potter and Snape) and it was...well, a cursed start, as you can see, for that blog is now dead. And, unlike the other blog in which my purpose was sorely to entertain you guys and to have some kind of cure for my boredom, this one will be more personal. Here are the three purposes of this blog.

  • Use as a journal pour moi et entertainment pour vous!
  • Documentary: Alas, twitter has but now bored me, too! And this blog shall be a documentary of my personal, emotional and intellectual growth.
  • To uncover my buried talents: namely, writing. Quite frankly, my writing these days have been rather bland and much like moose dung, I hope to rediscover the unusually witty talent I had in writing as I did in the beginning of this cursed year.

Now with my goals set, I need a schema to acheive this- one of them is to reduce my topics to two per post. This is to save you from headaches and me from babbling too much and no doubt uncovering the other secret schema I have with the gummy bears to take over the world (do you remember?). Of course, :), I haven't said that I could reduce myself to one post per day. Buahaha. You see how my evil mind can twist its way around my rigid rules? Well, no doubt two or more posts per day cannot be achieved by myself since I have much work to do. Anyways, I consider the introduction, which is what I am writing now, not a topic. So, practically, I can ramble on and on here. But I won't. I will try to keep myself under control. After all, this blog is the basis and documentary of my self-growth, and we don't want myself to be scheming myself out of my schemata in the start of this journey. Of course not. :)

The Ocean

I will admit it. I am deathly afraid of the ocean. Oh, invite me to your cruise and ask me to be captain of your pirates ship, but I will not go on that cruise ship, even if Mickey Mouse was on it, and I would not be the captain of your pirates ship even if it meant that I could be the ruler of rather dumb ragamuffins. NO! The ocean, its waves, its roar, its waters - murky and clear. What lies there, what lurks there! Hark! The fear is too great - and that fear is being left alone, in the middle of the ocean, the ocean so deep that no one knows how deep it is! Well, we don't surely know. We just have theorems and hypothesis, one of the reasons science and math are my two hated subjects. And yet I am to become a pharmacist! Woe! But stop, I am digressing (I used my english vocabulary word. :) ) from the point. Just imagine yourself - abandoned by your fellow pirate ragamuffins or Mickey Mouse himself! You splash into the sea, ah, struggling with all your life! The extremely salty water has stuck up your nose and you choke out some things I'd rather not mention. Frantic waving arms, kicking feet, determine to stay afloat, but the sea, it pulls your legs, it curls its tonsils, er, I mean tendrils around your ankles! Your pulled, down...down. Water engulfs you, you're blind. Sharp teeth. The Jaws theme song. But alas, no, it's an octopus! Help! Can anybody hear? Why no, if you shall remember, you cannot be heard underwater. Deeper deeper, you sink. And as the water fills your lungs, you die. And when you wake up you find you've become a mermaid. :).

I'm just kidding. Of course you have not become a mermaid, but have been digested by the octopus. It isn't an extremely pleasant picture, now is it? Thus, you can see for youself why I do, no, no. like the ocean.

What has caused me to tell you this story of woe and tragedy. Why have I foretold your death? Ahem. No, aha. That was not your death...just kidding. :) .... >:) .....:)

It is the movie I saw today while coming home from school, 'twas a minimum day (Huzzah!). It was about pirates. And of course the pirates were aboard a ship and then there was a storm and of course the ship...well, I would rather not talk about it. Twas V unpleasant. It has ignited my fear of the ocean, and reminded me of one of the reasons why I will not go on a cruise ship (one involves Pluto and Goofy, such big ears...perfect for hiding small children...o_O) or any ship for that matter. You do now, my dear friend, and I hope you know this, that all the creatures in the sea are not as innocent and pure as Nemo, from the Disney movie, Finding Nemo. Of which I am extremely tired of seeing. You know, I have seen it so much, I can recite the plot to you right now. First, this clown fish named Marlin...or was it Marty? Ack! Such confusing names. Oh, I have digressed once more. Sorry. And do you know that all our wastes, and by that I mean all the things we flush down the toilet and wash down the drain, eventually end up in the ocean! Yes, ew. So you see, it is not just the fear of what lurks in the ocean or how violent the ocean can be in a storm, there is also hygienics involved.

I end this topic on the closing note of -

Isn't it ironic that the thing that gives us life can very well be the death of us?
And by "thing", I mean water.

It is something to ponder.


On that note, I leave you.

I have nothing left to say except I am sure that the number 49 is stalking me.




"I am a kind of paranoiac in reverse. I suspect people of plotting to make me happy."

-J.D. Salinger

dimanche, octobre 18

Next Time I'll Be Bulletproof

I'm back....>:)

And I'm on a new site...lederniermot, which en Francais, means The Last Laugh, which, hopefully by the end of this year I will do...laugh my most evillest laugh and proclaim my revenge. Buahaha. >:)

Ah, my I have missed you after my absense of...*counts fingers* six months! Good grief. My name is not V Bored any more, but Vanille, which also starts with a V. I'm afraid I have lost my sense of wit, and it will take a couple postings to get it back. I've been mildly dry with my writing these past weeks and it might have something to do with the disappointment of ABNA, which we will never talk about, if you please. :)


Yes, mes amies. I am back with a vengenace and slightly better French. It is a great possibility that this blog, too, shall go up in flames and I will be absent for another half a year and then return with newfound revenge and a pitieous soul that needs wit. But as of now, I have returned. And I hope to keep this up longer than a month. Of course, I don't believe that I can do that, but I shall try my best.
We will not dwell on the past, I shall not tell you an update of myself these past months. We will only look on to the present and the future because the past is what pounded me down to a meaningless nothing and I have run back to you, blogosphere, for my innocence restored.
Of course, I may not be able to post every single day. It may well be that I can only post two times a week - one on Saturday and one on Sunday, for school has gripped me in its stressing hold and I am not able to escape its most powerful weapon, also called homework. *cue shark music*
I will, however, give you an update on Beethoven the Bear. We have not been very close these days anymore, and that's a pity. I have no new friend with whom I can share a conversation with, but I will find one and I shall tell you all the bizarre things we say.
Also, I aim to keep my posts much shorter, as to not give you a headache with my medieval ramblings. Hey, did I spell medieval right! It looks right. Oh, joy! I think I have! Mes amies, I believe this is the first time I have spelled medieval correctly the first time! Let us check...I did! Oh, friends. I don't believe you understand. This is a monumentous day. I know that's not a word. Connoisseurs I can spell, but the words spahgetti, survaillance and medieval have always caused me trouble. Oh, I do believe I misspelled them once more. Anyways, yipee! Or as the french say, yupee! :D Did I spell that right?
This is just the beginning. I am tired, friends, from scouring the internet world for a decent template, and though I don't like this one as much as the one in V Blase, I am satisfied. I chose not to keep the old template for the reason that I am moving ahead, and I shall become a butterfly. No, not literally. I quite like having opposable thumbs, thank you very much. But I need to evolve out of my current state. And you, whether you know it or not imaginary person out there with no face and no name, though I can feel your presence, will help me get there.

After the break,
A La Vanille (formerly V Bored, now V Renaissance, if that makes sense.)


"Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length."
-Rober Frost